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Blonde Bombshell

I am obsessed with Hoffer Photography , and you should be too. Their work is always amazing, and interesting. I love when we have a bride together because I know something cool is going to happen. HERE IT IS. The perfection of our bride Kelly. I could stare at these for days, I hope you can too.


Xoxo @phillyhair

Allie Skylar Photography

My bride Kayleigh was BEYOND gorgeous as were all of her bridesmaids. She opted for a loose low messy French twisted up do with major volume on top. We did her makeup really glamorous focusing on a dramatic bridal eye and super light pink lips. Her photographer Allie Skylar captured the day perfectly!


50 Shades of Purple

Megan had her girls in multiple shades of purple. We added a hint of mauve into her makeup to tie everything together. Mauve/purple tones are a nice way to bring a pop of color to your eye if you want to try something other than neutrals.  We did a bump with some volume in the front of her hair and swept the rest back into a elegant intertwined updo. She and her girls were so nice to work with and it was such a fun day. The super cool photos are from Uriah Baet !

Round two with m2 !

Remember in my last post I said I felt like I had the most gorgeous brides with the best hair ever? … well then I get these photos. OMG Kaitlyn had thick perfect long natural brown hair. We curled it really loose and pinned one side back. I think it’s a great way for brides to wear their hair down and still have it off their face a little. She looked stunning. M2 Photography did the photos…. our last bride together also had perfect long hair! I love working with them, they capture the beauty of a bride so amazingly.


xo @phillyhair

Winter Weddings

I have been getting brides recently with the most gorgeous hair ever! Colleen had thick, dark, beautiful locks that we teased, curled and then pinned one side back. I absolutely LOVE when brides wear their hair down. There’s something so soft and beautiful about it. And  then let’s top it off with the perfect amount of snow to get these gorgeous shots! Www.martelliphotography.com


Xo @phillyhair

Celia’s Wedding Day

Right from Celia’s trial I knew we clicked as stylist and client. She wanted a soft, super textured side bun. She had thick carmel highlighted hair and it worked perfectly for the updo. We did a bronze/brown eyeshadow with peachy cheeks and a super soft balmy lip. Getting her ready day of was so much fun, everyone was so sweet and she seemed just totally excited to be getting married, my favorite kind of bride :) Congrats to Celia and thank you to www.toddframe.com for the beautiful picks!



When to Waterproof

Should you be using waterproof or regular eyeliner and mascara?? Follow the quick diagram here to figure it out.



waterprooofOnce you do try our fav products….

Waterproof mascara – Buxom Waterproof, Regular Maybelline full & soft

Waterproof liner, Stila pen & crayon ,  Regular Liner– 24/7 glide on pencil from Urban Decay

Xo @phillyhair


Devon’s Big Day

Devon had pretty long blonde hair and gorgeous skin. Her updo was soft, romantic and had a slight 40’s feel to go with her stunning lace dress. Love these photos from www.daniellenowak.com photography!

Xo @phillyhair

Amara’s Wedding


Amara looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day. We loved the beautiful vibrant colors of her sari. Christina helped Amara get the perfect long loose waves that made her look effortlessly glam! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Xo – @ phillyhair

My 5 Favorite Mascaras

Best MascarasI LOVE mascara, pretty much more than anything. It is definitely the most important part of my makeup routine. Even when I don’t do a full face I always wear mascara. This means that I have tried a million different brands and here are my fav’s ….


Maybelline Full & Soft – I’m pretty sure this will always be my most favorite. It is exactly what it says, full and soft. My lashes look fluttery, its great for daytime , natural looks. If I want more drama I just add on extra coats and it doesn’t get clumpy. 5 stars

Buxom Lash – Comes in 2nd place. This lengthens my lashes the best. It does a nice job of separating and is also great for daytime. Their waterproof version is also great as well! 4.5 stars

Bad Gal Lash by Benefit– Definitely thickening and gives volume. I love the big giant brush. I also loved the mini travel version. 4 stars

They’re Real– Hello drama. It makes the lashes longer and falsie looking. You don’t need a lot though it doesn’t layer on great , one or two layers is just enough. 4 stars

Covergirl Fanned Out– This also gives some thickness and length. I like the way the brush is curved its easy to put on. Perfect for night time because it adds some nice drama as well. Only qualm is that a little too much product sometimes comes out on the brush. 4.5 stars


Xo @phillyhair