Jeff Wojtaszek Photography


Absolutely love these photos of our bride! This is the 2nd time Jeff has photographed our work and it is always amazing! Go check him out !!

@phillyhair’s Spring Faves 2014

favorite spring beauty faves of 2014


YAY spring is officially here! So happy to get outside in the warmer weather and not worry about bundling up, I thought the day would never come. Here is a list of my must haves for Spring of 2014. I have been using these products for the past month or so and I am in love : )

1. Sigma Brushes: in my previous posts I mentioned I loved ECO tools, but if you are willing to spend a little more money these professional brushes are a must have! They are soft and accurate. I have the essential kit and precision eye kit as well as the beldning kit and I love every single brush.

2. Urban Decay Ink For Eyes: I’ve been liking a eyeline pen lately instead of a pencil which is what I normally use. This one is great and waterproof and easy to apply.

3. Million Dollar Tan: Can’t say enough how much I love this product! The color is the perfect bronze it lasts for about 5 days. It goes on clear so you don’t stain your hands which is my favorite part. The color shows in about 6 hours. TAKE YOUR TIME… if you don’t rush you wont get weird spots or lines. If you are in a hurry this is not the product for you. You need a solid 5-10 minutes to apply it and someone to help you do your back, definitely worth it though!

4. Hot Tools Glitter Curling Iron: I am a fan of their prodcuts in general but when I saw this sparkly handle I just had to have it.  Makes doing your and others hair so much fun! I got the 1in and its on sale at Ulta for $40!

5. Relucir: I recently got a goodie bag shipment from Relucir to try their products out and they are graet! I love the face wash and moisturizer and the hair products are great too!

What are your spring must haves???

xoxo- @phillyhair

Weldon Weddings


#flashbackfriday it is :)  Last year Natalie got married at the Dupont Hotel in Wilmington and aside from being the most laid back easy going person to work with I also got to meet a photographer whose work I just fell in love with! Reason number 1 is most photographers catch me with my mouth hanging open or concentrating so much I look mad, but  also these images are so beautiful, not overly posed but not so artsy they will be out of style in a few years. Classic and gorgeous just like Natalie was on her big day.


Enjoy and go take a peak at

My Dramatic Haircut Story- and The Selfie Struggle



So I have had long hair now for about 7 years. After high school I started growing it, then once I graduated beauty school and started working at a salon the craziness began. I had every color hair imaginable. Pink, purple & yellow streaks. Blonde and red highlights , you name it! I damaged my hair beyond repair but cutting it was not an option. And so began the extensions. For two years I had sew in extensions, yes a weave. I would go through agony for hour as my hair was braided and then sewn in. Once I moved to Philly I was convinced to try micro clip extensions. They were definitely an upgrade. I was hooked. I had this full, beautiful, long FAKE hair and no one ever knew it wasn’t real. My actual hair was so thin and dead on the ends that it just blended right in. I based everything on my hair. It was a way for me to feel better about myself. I felt sexier and prettier with these long flowing locks. I felt confident when I when I went out when I had big volume and curls. Even at the gym my long swinging pony tail just made me feel great. Even the cartoon version of myself for my logo has giant beautiful hair……

And then came the down side. I recently took out my weave to get a fresh set and I realized OMG I am bald… and I go through this everytime I get a new weave but this time was even more extreme. About 4-5 inches of my real hair was dead, split and looked like a rat was chewing on it.  I came to the hard realization that if I kept doing this I would literally be left with no hair. I wanted to cry. For so many years this fake thing on my head had become  a part of me.  I decided I just had to do it, I found a picture of Karlie Kloss  and I read an article about how she felt empowered when she cut her hair off and let me tell you SO DO I. I seriously got the best haircut by Maria at Alexanders Salon and Spa in Scranton. She gave me a chic blunt slightly angled bob and it’s fabulous. My hair feels thick and shiny and soft, something I haven’t described my hair as in years.

Now do I wish that I had beautiful long natural hair? Of course I envy every woman and client I see with pretty thick georgous tresses. But if god didn’t bless me with that than I need to figure out how to work with what I’ve got. This cut fits my hair and face shape and is a much better solution than ruining the little hair I do have.  I feel like a new girl in a new year and I’m learning to feel beautiful even without hair hanging down my back.

Moral of the story… once you do a major change in appearance the natural thing to do is… Take a selfie! Now can someone explain to me the way to figure out how the hell to take a decent one? I look at the instagram girls who take these perfect pictures of themselves and I’m over here snaping 16 pictures tilting my head in every direction trying to get the light right? What is the secret people?????


Xo- phillyhair

New Year, New Products


We are pushing right into the new year and so far for me it’s been a great one. A lot more winter weddings in 2014 and tons of beautiful brides coming up in the spring. I like to start off the new year with different beauty purchases. So far this year here is what has entered my kit:

Ardel lashes- I like the natural band so it blends and I play on the border of the natural look into dramatic!

Elf: My go to cheap goodies. They are great quality but affordable. I love their lipsticks for brides they are easy size to carry on the wedding day and they come in perfect “bridal shades”. I just got two new brushes , the fan and the small blending and so far they are both AMAZING. Soft on the skin and they make applying easy.

Nars: Duo Blush and highlighter mini pack. Both colors are subtle but georgous. You have to really layer it on if you want a dramatic effect. The highlighter has a golden tone to it so its great for my indian clients. The rosy blush literally looks good on everyone. I also got their liquid liner pen. I don’t like using it on myself for some reason but I love using it on my clients. Its one of those products that’s is better when you put it on someone else.

Eco Tools Brushes: I have always loved these brushes since I’ve been in high school. They are so soft on the face and they stay that way even after multiple washes. I got the slanted spounge brush for foundation and an eye brush kit which is also fantastic.

LAS BUT NOT LEAST, You Rebel by Benefit: This has been my go to tinted moisturizer for about 8 years AND THEY DISCONTINUED IT :( I swear it is the only thing that works on my skin that actual really has some color in it. I’m super dry and this stuff is like a miracle. I had to go on ebday and find someone who was selling them so I bough two. Devastated ;(

What are your new beauty purchases of 2014?

xo- @phillyhair

Swooning Over Kathryn




Swoon over it captured the most beautiful pictures of our bride Kathryn! We did a slight smokey eye and a sleek updo with volume. What a fun group of girls to work with.

Jessica’s Wedding

Colorful DIY Wedding


Jessica had the most creative and colorful wedding I have ever seen. She and her mother hand made the decorations which included hundreds of paper flowers, painted birds, lanterns and vases. Her bridesmaids wore all different colored dresses and the cuisine was from food trucks. The bride had her hair in a deep side part with curls and dramatic makeup with individual false lashes. Her photographer Rhema Images capture the day perfectly!

xo @phillyhair

Gretchen’s Wedding




Gretchen was such a sweet, kind an soft spoken girl. Her intimate outdoor wedding with 50 guests totally fit her personality. We kept her hair soft and natural adding a braid for texture and playfulness. Her stunning photos were taken by With Love & Embers who I adore as well. Best of luck to Gretchen in her newlywed life : )

Xo- @phillyhair

Celebrity Twin : Lacey Chabert aka Gretchen Wieners UPDO TUTORIAL

I always get told I look like Lacey Chabert who plays Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls! I loved her look for this red carpet with the soft messy updo ( always my fav). Watch as I step by step recreate her look! SPOILER: I may or may not have caught my boyfriend wall twerking in this video.

<3 @phillyhair

Catherine’s Wedding


We met Cathernine at the Warwick Hotel in Philly to get her ready for the big day. Her theme was black white and red , so her classic bun and red lips were a perfect match!