Middle VS Sidepart


Middle vs Side Part

 In the battle of hair parts there’s more than one winner! Deciding what looks best on you means assessing these 3 things : hair line, face shape , facial features.

 Read , analyze and come up with your perfect part !

Face Shape : Oval & Square = middle part … Round & Heart = Side part

Hairline : Low & High Hairlines, widows peak or receding hair on one side = side part … average hair line, no cowlicks, receding hair on both sides = middle part

Facial Features: High cheek bones, defined jawline, smaller nose & lips = middle part … Rounder cheeks, pronounced nose or chin , closer set eyes, fuller lip = side part.

Summed up,it is somewhat harder to pull of a middle part because it draws attention to symmetry and if you don’t have strong, defined and symmetrical features it may take away from your beauty. If, however, you are blessed with beautiful bone structure a middle part will only amplify your pretty-ness. A side part has a softer look and detracts notice from imperfections while playing up assets like big eyes or full lips. A part takes up to two weeks to switch, so test them out and decide what you like best! Begin blow drying the way you want your part to go and sleeping with a bobby pin or hair clip to hold your part down while you sleep.

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